Discs for jointing. I have a few 19mm left and a limited number of 25mm. Unfortunately I have no small T pins left.

9mm fibreboard discs 5c. each.
13mm fibreboard mini discs – small or large hole – 5c. each.
16mm fibreboard discs – 10c. each
25mm fibreboard discs – 15c. each

These are the last of our WOODEN DISCS with beveled edges which were made by my husband when we had the shop.

20mm x 120 – 10c. each
35mm x 10 – 15c. each
40mm x 29 – 15c. each
50mm x 44 – 20c. each
75mm x 58 – 20c. each
25mm T pins 15c each only a few left.
Perle 5 – 1 lonely hank for $1.00.
Nose threads: from left to right perle 5, perle 12 (2) and perle 16. $2.00 each
Mini cotter pin turner – $3.00
One of our customers use to make these for us. A mini yes/no mechanism for around a 6 to 7 inch bear. Only 1 left – $4.00.
Perfect glasses for a teddy bear? Width of lens – 80mms, length of arms 110mm. These are apparently vintage watchmakers glasses. Price is $10.00.
Excellent thimbles – 2 leather/2 metal $1.00 ea.
Clover awl – $10
Clover mini stuffer & tweezers – $12 for pair
Bevy of tiny buttons $1.00
Metal stuffing stick $2.00

I have a bevy of beautiful ribbons for miniature and also larger bears. These are Japanese ribbons perfect for little bears. Each is 50 cents per metre. I will be listing more…..