Please be aware that the colours are what was photographed by me, an amateur but learning, and the colour value might display differently on your monitor or device. As it is a natural fibre the colour also varies to the fold and light conditions.

8. German yellow distressed -size 49 x 35cms and pile of 10mm $14.00. *
21. Mink skins, vary slightly in size, approx. 30/32 by 4 to 6cms – $5.00 each.
23. Natural shorter straight pile mohair approx. 6mm length. This piece is 68 x 54cm. Price is $34.00 * SOLD
24. Cinnamon colour beautiful dense straight pile approx. 8mm length pile. 66 x 30cm. Price $20.00. 2 PIECES
29. Beautiful soft black alpaca – size is 50 x 36cms. Price is $25.00. Smaller piece – size 33 x 25cms – $12.00. ** SOLD
30. Orange distressed mohair pile approx. 12mm. Size 49 x 34cms. Price $15.00. *
31. Gold distressed denser longer pile approx. 14mm. Size 49 x 34cms. Price $15.00. *
34. Natural shorter pile mohair. Great for dyeing. Sizes 46 x 35cms (2 pieces). Price $10.00 each. * SOLD
37. Nutmug longer pile distressed English mohair. Size 49 x 70cms. $22.00. * SOLD
38. Light yellow distressed mohair – size 35 x 24cms. Price $9.00. * SOLD
40. Natural (white) very soft feel, dense straight pile approx. 8mm. Two pieces – size 67 x 32. Price each $18.00. ** SOLD
41. Alpaca – natural (white) – Size 35 x 28cms. Price – $14.00. * SOLD
46. White (natural) short pile mohair, suitable for small bears/muzzles. Size is 39 x 23cms. Price is $6.50. SOLD
55. Natural dense short pile – size is 31 x 25cms. Price is $8.00 SOLD
56. Distressed beige colour on chocolate backing. Size is 16 x 48cms with a generous allowance for being cut into. Price is $8.00. * SOLD
56. An English distressed mohair also cut into. Size is 30 x 32cms. Price is $7.00. SOLD

50. Another one of my old fabrics: a dense soft synthetic fur on a soft pliable woven backing with the pile about 4mm. Wonderful for realistic animals and of course bears. It has been cut into and the size is 40 x 28cms. The price is $6.00. *
52. Beige vintage woven back fabric – not mohair! This is fabric I used to make my bears out of before mohair became available. It is tufted into the backing like mohair and has a wavy slightly distressed finish. It is a shorter pile and makes wonderful smaller bears in a range of 10 to 18cms. I have 2 left size approx. 47 x 66cms. Price is $10.00. I have a similar fabric available in a milk chocolate colour for $10.00 a fat quarter.
53. Fur Collar 35 x 9cm – $10.00
54. Fur collar – 36 x 9cms – $5.00