Discs for jointing. I have a few 19mm left and a limited number of 25mm. Unfortunately I have no small T pins left.

9mm fibreboard discs 5c. each.
13mm fibreboard mini discs – small or large hole – 5c. each.
16mm fibreboard discs – 10c. each
25mm fibreboard discs – 15c. each

I have a bevy of beautiful ribbons for miniature and also larger bears. These are Japanese ribbons perfect for little bears – width 2 or 3mm. Each is 50 cents per metre. I will be listing more….. they are now under the heading of Laces, Ribbons…..

Vintage gentleman’s evening bow tie – $4.00.
Fabulous black velvet like fabric with gold glitter dots. Would be fabulous for a jester, wizard or other costume for a bear. Size is 50 x 70cms. Price is $6.00.
Another fabulous piece with swirls of gold on a velvet like background. The fabric is quite thin therefore quite flexible and would make a fabulous costume for a bear. Size is 70 x 50cms. Price is $6.00.
I’ve had several of these butterflies many years ago and made wings for my smaller bears and they looked wonderful. The width from the top is 9cms and where the two pearls are is 2cm. A beautiful and impressive piece. Price is $6.00.
Small bicycles – $2.50 each.