These are the last of my English glass eyes. They are beautiful quality. The wire stems are tarnished/discoloured due to their age – these are left over stock from when the shop closed. Again, good price reductions – there are limited quantities of some sizes/colours. NOTE: The prices do vary on whether I have many of that style/colour to deplete (they become cheaper!) and/or the backing. The back of the eyes can be painted with either an enamel paint/nail polish/or a Sharpie pen. Some great effects can be created. Lighter shades of eyes can be coloured with a fine paint brush with lines or hues.

I will match single pairs but quantities!? At the moment I just haven’t got the time.

14mm Dark Smoked Topaz straight wire – $2.50 pair
15mm Black with curled wire – $2.00 pair
15m Dark Topaz straight wire – $3.00 pair
15mm Dark Smoked Topaz straight wire – $3.00 pair
14mm Black straight wire – $2.50 pr
12mm Dark Smoked Topaz straight wire – $2.50 pair
12mm Dark Blue straight wire – $2.50 pair
10mm Medium Blue straight wire – $2.00 pair.
13mm Dark Smoked Topaz curled wire – $2.00 pr
Animal eyes – 11mm – $2.50 pair
Animal eyes – 9mm – $2.00 pair
Animal eyes – 6mm – $1.50 pair
10 mm Glass Shoe Button Eyes straight steam – $1.00 pair
10mm Black with curled stem – $1.00 pair SOLD
10mm Dark Topaz straight stem – $2.00 pair
10mm Clear Glass with pupil with curled wire – $1.00 pair.
10mm Dark Topaz with curled wire – $1.00 pair
10mm Light Topaz with straight wire – $1.50 pair. 3 pair for $3.00.
9mm Glass Shoe Button Eyes – $1.00 pair.
9mm Dark Topaz with curled wire – $1.00 pair
9mm Dark Smoked Topaz with straight wire – $2.00 pair.
9mm Black with straight wire – $2.00 pair. SOLD
10mm Amethyst with straight wire – $2.00 pair.
10mm with white backing – $2.00 pair.
8mm Dark Topaz with curled wire – $0.75 a pair.
8mm Light Smoked Topaz straight wire – 50c. pair
8mm Amethyst with curled back (we have a lot) – 5 pr $2.00
8mm Rose Quartz curled wire – 5 pr for $2.00.
7mm Blue curled wire – 50c pair
5mm Dk.Sm.Topaz – 80c. pair (straight)
4mm Dk.Sm.Topaz – 50c. pair (straight)
2mm Black – 20c pair. SOLD.
7mm Dk.Sm.Topaz – $1.00 pair
5mm Black curled wire – 50c pair
4mm Dk.Topaz – 10 prs for $2.00 (curled)
1mm Black – 20c. pair.

GERMAN GLASS EYES – our minimum order from Germany was 1,000. We didn’t know we were going to buy a country pharmacy when we did our last order for small eyes! Hence the crazy prices….

3mm on wire, very consistant sizing – 10 for $1.00!!!!
4mm (as above) – 10 pairs for $2.00 (these are in my new little bear Mak).
5mm – 10 pairs for $2.00.