Please be aware that the colours are what was photographed by me, an amateur but learning, and the colour value might display differently on your monitor or device. As it is a natural fibre the colour also varies to the fold and light conditions.

English – gold traditional teddy colour distressed piece 33 x 36cms, pile length approx. 1cm. Price $8.00
German Schulte short distressed pile, tan with darker backing. Pile is about 6mm in length and is distressed. Size is 50 x 42cms (about 1/6m). Price $12.00
German Schulte distressed mohair beige with milk chocolate backing. Approx 50 x 40cms and has a small cut into one part of edge which is not taken into account in the measurement. Price 18.00.
English old gold distressed mohair pile length approx. 1cm. Size is 46cms x 70cms (short short of a fat 1/4m). Price $18.00.
German Schulte distressed mohair sage with dark brown backing. Size is 45 x 36cms with pile length of approx. 14mm. There is a piece of fabric for paws and pads. Price is $18.00.
German yellow distressed – two different sized pieces (1) size 49 x 35cms and pile of 1cm priced at $12.00 and (2) 71 x 26cms priced at $15.00.
One of my favourites. Both Nutmeg (a larger bear) and Holly Sea (a small bear) are made out of the mohair. This is a soft mushroom colour and is a very dense shorter pile. The size is 50 x 70cms (fat 1/4m). Price is $30.00. 1 fat quarter available.
Rich dense old gold mohair 46 x 70cms (just shy of a fat 1/4m). A 22 x 4cm piece has been cut out on one edge hence the measurement being 46 not 50cms. Price $25.00.
English sparse distressed mohair, pile length about 12/14mm. (2 pictures). I have measured this piece as 47 x 50cms which totally excludes the areas cut into. Price $20.00. SOLD
German short pile suitable for smaller bears in natural colour. Piece is 23 x 34cm (1/16m). Dyes beautifully (see below). Price is $5.00. SOLD
German short pile mohair as above but dyed a soft lilac (my favourite when dyeing. Price is $7.00. SOLD
Beautiful English thick dense white, straight pile about 14mm in length. Fat quarter $30. 2 Pieces available.
English mohair yellow with darker backing, size is 38 x 38cm. A piece has been cut out and this has not been included in the measurement or the price which is $8.00. SOLD
German short pile mohair 23 x 23cms – price $4.00.
English black short pile mohair – a beautiful piece, very dense – great for pandas. The piece is 68 x 43cms and the price is $15.00. Whoever “grabs” this will be very pleased.
Alpaca – this fabric is luscious, so soft and feels rich. It is black but has highlights of soft grey guard hairs through. Wonderful for realistic bears and pands. The size is 44 x 66cms and the price is $25.00. SOLD
Short pile mohair size 34 x 26cm with a pile length of aprox. 3mm. Price – $7.50. Second piece is 31 x 26cm. Price – $7.00. BOTH SOLD
This is a very dense English mohair. (2 pictures) I decided I wanted to make a bear called “Starlight” representing the night sky. There is one corner where I started weaving in silver threads. The idea was there but we were about to go into our country pharmacy so it was shelved. I love this piece of fabric and I am sure some creative person will make a beautiful bear out of it. The size is 44 x 68 (a “shrunk” fat 1/4m). The pile length is 14mm plus and the price is $30.00.
Rich, rich creamy colour distressed finish with a light caramel backing. Love this one. Size is a fat quarter metre for $25.00.
Thick dense dark taupe mohair approx. 12mm length straight pile. Perfect for realistic animals. Found pad material that matched well. 54 x 70cms (over a fat quarter) $28.00 for mohair and pad fabric. SOLD
This piece is Alpaca and very soft pile about 8mm with white guard hairs – if you look carefully in the photo above you can see them. The size is 45 x 60cms and has been cut into. The incredibly low price reflects this – $16.00 !!!!!!
Price $7.50. SOLD
English distressed mohair in gold. This piece is 50 x 70cms (fat quarter mt.) and is $24.00. SOLD
Short, straight, sparse mohair 18 x 23cms – $2.50
Light coffee colour sparse distressed 22 x 23cms – $3.00. SOLD
Mink skins, vary slightly in size, approx. 30/32 by 4 to 6cms – $5.00 each.
Fur collar (I think it is mink as well) 57 x 10cms – $10.00. SOLD
Green dense short pile mohair – 23 x 23cms – $3.50.
English light brown mohair 50 x 70cms (fat 1/4 mt) – $25.00. SOLD
Natural shorter straight pile mohair approx. 6mm length. This piece is 46 x 35cm. Price is $13.00.
Natural longer straight pile dense mohair 10mm length. This piece is 50 x 70cm. Price is $35.00. SOLD
The sun is shining in my photography area!! Rust colour as on left side. Size is 44x 25cm. Two pieces of paw pad (one with marks but can easily be worked around) included. Price is $10.00. SOLD
English gold distressed mohair pile length approx. 13mm. Size is approx. 70 x 50cms. Price is $29.00. SOLD