Over time, and because of the wonderfully large cabinet we had in The Serendipity Collection at Montrose, I “grew” quite a collection for our customers to look at – they weren’t for sale! The time has come to ensure that they have good homes because I have a feeling they won’t find them if I leave them to our children. Such a different era. They are very reasonably priced to sell and to find their new abode. I do have quite a collection of books as well – ask if you are interested. They are at bargain prices.

I had a varied collection of Merrythought Cheeky bears which are a distinctive style of bear, well-loved and collected across the globe. I have a few limited editions of the little Cheeky and a larger one. Here are a couple.

MERRYTHOUGHT “BANANA” MINI CHEEKY which is a limited edition 501/1000. PRICE $70
MERRYTHOUGHT CHEEKY BEAR “GREEN BUNNY” and it is limited edition of 126/250 with tags. Price is $70.00. SOLD

ONE OF LINDA BENSON’S WONDERFUL CREATIONS: A polar bear with a double jointed neck 23cms standing. Beautiful craftsmanship and stitching. This was the model for a workshop at Serendipity. Price is $120.00.

THIS LITTLE FELLOW IS CALLED “KLINKER”. He is a 1960 Gund USA toy and he is amongst my favourites. He is made in a woven back faux fur which is thread bear in small areas which is a sign of his past “loving”. He has a music box which plays well (I don’t recognise the tune) and as it plays his left arm moves the harmonica upwards. There is wear in the fabric (about 1cm) where the arm that moves is attached to the body. It is a beautiful toy in very good order for the age. Price is $180.00.

This darling ol’ bear has been with me since I started making miniature bears in the early 1980’s. He was given to me by a friend. I did have intentions of rejuvenating him but have never got round to it. SOLD.

This is a Little Betty sewing machine and were made by EM Gheysens and son in Dover, United Kingdom, this particular model in the 1940’s. The sewing plate is stamped Made in England. The hand crank is working well and the body is in relatively good condition considering its age. If you would like more pictures please contact me. The “going price” for these is around $150.00. One of a few of my little toy sewing machines and the price for this one is $40.00. SOLD